Apple Watch does not appear in Xcode

Building project after couple of months can often fail even though no code has been added. It’s likely that iOS/Xcode updates that happened during this time are to blame. For me today, my Apple Watch was not visible in list of build destinations. Here is what I found helpful in this situation.

  • On iPhone: Settings -> Developer -> Clear Trusted Computers
  • On Watch: Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Developer Mode – turn it OFF and then ON, watch will restart and confirmation dialog will appear. Confirm setting Developer Mode.
  • Connect iPhone via USB cable and ‘Trust’ computer
  • Download any camera app that has Apple Watch Companion app ( and open companion app on watch. In Xcode go to Window -> Devices and you should see your Apple Watch again.

I have also noticed that Xcode has problems deploying app to Apple Watch when charging is in progress. Taking it of the charger and restarting to get ‘Trust this computer’ prompt helps to restore connection.

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